About Us

I am a Programmer is a website that I specially created to extend my hands to those who are looking for websites and tech blogs that are particularly talking about programming and the life of a programmer. If you think that the life of a programmer is boring, think again. I have a very exciting lifestyle. Just ask my wife and two kids. They will say that I am the best programmer and coolest person that they ever met.

The website owner

The author of the site aims to help other programmers in their search for a reliable website that caters particularly to their needs. I am not a savior or anything. But I will do my best to share my knowledge about different problems and my mishaps on various issues so that you will not do it on your end. But if you still did wrong on your programming, do not fret. I also have other solutions for you to use and take advantage of. We always learn from our mistakes, right?

What do we offer

My website is full of information about programming and life in general. If you are seeking answers about the stumbling block that you are facing right now, look for solutions on my site. If you are looking for alternative answers to the path that you took in your programming codes, you can also find them here. For those who have queries about balancing life between programming and my family, you can also find articles about that topic.