The Joys of Programming

The Joys of Programming

No one else in my family understands programming. But I do and I love it. Programming is not something that you learn in one day. It is not a course that you take and at the end of it, you can say that you are a programmer. Although some programmers only develop a passion after they complete a degree about it, most of the programmers I interact with has already fallen in love with programming even before they started learning it.

Building the program

Have you ever built something on your own? Do you find it very fulfilling to have constructed something from scratch? For example, if you established a tech blog and now, you have a lot of visitors checking out and liking your posts, it would seem that your site is already a success. If you created a business about Amsterdam canal tours and, after a lot of grueling effort, people are flocking to your office to sign up, it will really make you feel good knowing that all your energy has been channeled to a fruitful endeavor.

This is the same as building a program through codes. You just open the code programming interface with a blank slate. It does not have any words or codes on it. It feels that you are starting with something new. As you try to construct multiple codes depending on what you want your program or website to look like, all will look great in the end.

Solving problems

Some people love solving problems. Although programmers will never admit to it but they really like figuring things out. The finalization of a program is a result of multiple faults, errors, and mistakes in coding. Programmers never give up. They have a quota to finish, a program to complete, or a website to design. If they do not start solving the problems, their codes will not be finalized.

Maybe this is the reason why I created this tech blog. There is a need for me to solve problems. If you have any problems of your own, you can send them also to me through the contact page. I will be very glad to be of help to you.