Having a Life and Work Balance

Having a Life and Work Balance

Working as a man in his forties with a wife and two kids, you will always assume that I have already established myself as a person who can sustain himself and provide for my family. I am doing my best to earn a living for them. But I also make it a point that my work will not interfere as much with my personal life.

When I started my career as a programmer, I pushed myself to the limit and worked long hours just to create codes and solve bugs in the computer. But it also took a toll on my personal life. I was not able to go out with my friends and enjoy my life. Good thing, my wife introduced me to a life with a more balanced approach to work and career. Here are some of the tips that I am sure you can use in your life:

Prioritize your time

People will always tend to be loose on the control of their time. Some even procrastinate knowing that they still have time for their family in the future. But the truth of the matter is that you cannot tell whether you will have time for your personal life or not. This is unless you prioritize it. How do you do this? By doing every job required of you on your allotted time. Even if a task that is assigned to you does not have a deadline, set one for yourself. Make the time that you choose for work be only at the range of time you placed. Do not get a chunk from your supposed family or personal time so that you can finish the work assigned to you.

Take a breather

Earning and saving for the future is a good thing. You are looking out for yourself and your family. But if you do not take time off, you will end up being sick, getting burned out with the job, or just quitting because of too much stress. Schedule time for a vacation to spend with your family. Go to an Amsterdam holiday. Pick a dinner cruise in Amsterdam. After your vacation, you will be rejuvenated and reenergized to do more.