• What is iamprogrammer.io?

is a blog site about programming and what happens in between. The author of this website has been doing programming for more than twelve years now. You can find lots of things to learn about the author and programming, in general. All the programmers, website creators, business owners, and even our website visitors will be able to use the information stated and published on this site.

  • Why did you write your blog?

created my website blog, ideally, to help people. I am not sure about other programmers but if you have been in the business like I have, you will conclude that new programmers need data, tips, and tricks to figure out what is wrong with their sites assigned. If they are, for example, creating a website promoting voucher codes and coupon codes on products, they would want to fix any bugs and programming problems that they have as quickly and as efficiently as they can.

  • Why is your blog useful to other programmers?

published this website to help young programmers in the problems usually encountered by other programmers in websites. It will be easier and quicker to fix codes if you learn from the mistakes of others. So basically, those who are reading my blogs will learn from my mistakes.

  • Do you publish posts that are not programming-related?

I do. I want people to understand that programmers are people too. And we enjoy long walks on the beach and traveling to other places. I post articles on this page regarding my leisure activities and my vacations outside the country.

  • What programming codes do you use?

in the business for quite some time, I have learned and re-learned different programming languages used. I have acquainted myself with languages like COBOL, Ada, Java, BASIC, C, C++, FORTRAN, and Pascal.

  • How do I get notified when you publish new posts?

is easy to get notified. You just have to register on my site. You can input your name and your email address. We will then send you notifications on your email.