Best Practices in Programming

Best Practices in Programming

Programming is an essential part of any system because it gives full control of any machine, business, or website through the use of a particular programming language, a set of codes, and interconnections of input buttons or interlinks as well as the output required of any product or system. Programming features the repetitive and accurate display of results without any need for the user to figure out for themselves any problems that may arise.

This tech blog now shows the best practices of Programming and how you should do it.

Use indentation

As a programmer myself, I have encountered many previous programs and sets of codes created by other programmers that look very confusing because of the poor use of indentation. Indentations are used for clarity and the tidiness of a set of program codes. And there is no one suggested a way of indentation when it comes to programming. But you have to keep on using the same style of indentation on your whole code. It makes the whole set better to understand and easier to read compared to others with no particular style. It can be compared to an Amsterdam holiday with the itinerary all planned out so that you have a clear view of what is going to happen.

Try to refrain from deep nesting

Have you ever read an article with lots of long and winding sentences that never seem to stop? This situation is the same as the deep nesting. You should try to avoid from deep nesting every code available. Although the program will still work, deep nesting can be hard to understand and to follow. You should keep your codes neater and easier to check out.

Use clearer names

When you are doing a long list of programs, it can be quite confusing for another programmer or even yourself to see conventional names like X1 or Z1 on the program. To make the whole program codes easier to learn, you can use other names that will convey the true meaning of the code. It will make all the tracing and fault finding easier when you go back to the program that you created.