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Programming is not just something that you learn in just one day. It takes months or even years before someone can learn a programming language. And not all are capable of understanding a specific programming language. For some, one single language is enough to make them withdraw and look for something else to explore. Programming is not an Amsterdam holiday that you can just take and learn. You will have to spend thousands of hours in front of your computer trying to figure out what letters to put, what codes to use, and where you went wrong.

Programming may be difficult but it is not impossible. The codes used in a programming language may seem illogical at times but there is a system into it which makes them easier to understand. The codes that you need to type and re-type may look very long but once you are finished, and it is working, you will see the beauty and the fulfillment in programming and coding. Some of our website visitors right now may be thinking that programming is just a job. But for programmers like me, programming is a passion and a love that no one can take from me.

I am a Programmer

As I have said, programming is a passion that not anyone can do. But for those who still choose to be a programmer as their bread and butter, their way of life, and their career, I am happy for you. I am welcoming you to my page. This website is made especially for you. Like you, I have made a living out of programming. I became a husband to my wife and a father to my two kids because of programming. And I will never exchange this for the world. Because of the freedom that I had in choosing this endeavor, I was able to spend more time with them. As a fellow programmer, you are one of the chosen few who can jumble numerous tasks at a single moment. And for that, I am proud of you.

What you can find on this site

This website is literally full of information that you can use for yourself or for the company that you are working for. Again, programming can be home-based or office-based. As long as you are programming codes on the computer, you are a programming wiz. But like most experts I know, we still encounter new problems that we cannot solve. I still do and most of my friends still have many issues in their codes that they cannot solve for themselves. This is why this website is a very important resource for different kinds of programmers. New programmers, mid-level programmers, and even intermediate programmers can benefit from my site.

But just like any programmer, every single one of us has a life outside of programming. You can find articles here about my personal life, my likes, my dislikes, and other activities aside from programming. You will say to yourself that programmers are just like other people, are not too serious, and can be a lot of fun at times.